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Beach Boot Camp workout on Fort Lauderdale Beach of over 150 times a year is a unique combination of motivation, values, fitness and healthy living and attracts hundreds who are thirsting for that positive lifestyle change. He will take that same high energy, inspiration and humor from the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in South Florida to your event and include excellent team building.

Col. Weinstein is a professional speaker who brings to the table all of his expertise of 30 years of military service as well as his experiences as a practicing attorney for ten years.


The best and most fun workout I have experienced in years. I was out of shape and overweight for over ten years” Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein will empower you to achieve your worthy goals. Take back control of your life.

He offers both personal training and group fitness on the beach with his Beach Boot Camp workout on Fort Lauderdale Beach, located in South Florida. Whether you’re looking for weight loss or to get a great complete body workout with combined cardio and strength training, Colonel Bob has got a program for you.


Body composition (fat %), Dips, Push-ups, 1 mile run and pull-ups (optional). For the dips, push-ups and crunches you are to perform as many as you can within 2 minutes. The mile run is to be completed as fast as you can. Then, four week goals are set by The Health Colonel. Short term and long term goals are a part of creating that new you!

A light to moderate workout. Lots of variety on this one. We’ll use the resistance band and a series of body weight exercises to enhance this workout (30 minutes).


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